What is A Green Job

Green jobs are positions in the centre of sustainable development and respond to the global challenges of environmental protectioneconomic development and social inclusion. These positions are in agriculturemanufacturingconstructioninstallation and maintenance, as well as scientific and technical, administrative, and service-related activities that contribute substantially to preserving or restoring environmental quality (ILO and UNEP).

Many researchers point out that transitioning to a “green economy” is more than a short-term response to current global crises. It can be a long-term strategy for sustainable development and poverty alleviation. It has four interconnected and mutually dependent goals: increasing economic growth, reducing unemployment, increasing social inclusion and equity, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The International Institute for Labor Studies argues that the existing education and vocational training systems are required to be capable of equipping all individuals with the requested competencies needed to take full advantage of the opportunities being generated by the ‘green economy’. Mechanisms to facilitate the effective generation and transmission of knowledge between higher education institutions and business will be central task.

Skills development for employability and sustainability has received major attention in recent years. The difficulty in defining and apprehending green jobs lies in the challenge of making a clear distinction between environmental sectors and other sectors. Besides employment in environmental sectors, there are employees in other sectors which aim at improving environmental performance.

Green Job Analysis Report shows the situation of green jobs in European economies. Another report was created about Green Career Guidance Needs Report of young people in orde to determine actual knowledge, awareness and interests of the young people about the green jobs and green sector, their capabilities, interests, motivations for getting a green job and capabilities for getting a job in general.

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