Green-Career-logoonwhitebgOne of the main challenges of today’s world is to prevent climate change and the depletion of natural resources which endanger us and future generations. In order to overcome this threat, we need to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions over the next few decades which requires innovative solutions in our current way of life.

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), green jobs are one of the main instruments which transform economies, enterprises, workplaces and the labour market into a low-carbon, sustainable economy. Green jobs reduce the environmental impact of enterprises by contributing to the reducing need for energy and raw materials, avoiding greenhouse emissions, minimizing waste and pollution, and restoring the ecosystem services like the provision of clean water, food and other benefits.

At the moment, there are many green jobs available around Europe and worldwide for future young employees such as: renewable energy engineers, wind energy technicians, photovoltaic installers, ecological tourism consultants, waste water specialist, etc. It is estimated that there will be millions of new jobs available for young people across the world until 2030. According to ILO, it is estimated that 1.2 million workers will be employed for biofuels in four leading countries: Brazil, the United States, Germany and China. According to experts, new investments will create jobs for high school and university graduates.




The Green Career project aims to promote green jobs among young people who are looking for employment or post-secondary studies in this area. The project will:

  • Inform young people about green job profiles.
  • Help young people find the right green job that matches their skills and training.
  • Help young people use career planning tools.

With the aid of existing resources and a analysis made within selected European countries, this project will produce a guide and a web tool for future employees and their potential job providers.

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